Air Barrier Technicians

This course will prepare those who are applying for ABAA certification.

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The Air Barrier Technician Course consists of both theory and practical instruction.

The classroom portion of training emphasizes understanding the need for and function of an air barrier assembly, the ability to select and install the correct material in SA and FL applications, the ability to confirm proper installation through on-sit testing and the documentation required throughout the air barrier installation process. The classroom is divided into three main modules. The first, principles and theory provides an introduction to air barriers, building science, codes and standards as well as installer ethics and responsibilities. The second module focuses on procedure, teaching participants about testing and audits and proper documentation and reporting. The final module of the classroom section is an overview of building enclosure construction. Participants will learn about material selection, application technology, substrate conditions and the continuity/compatibility of components.

The practical portion of the training module is carried out on a job site, or on a mock-up where the instructor will teach the installer and observe the application of the air barrier assembly.

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