House of Commons Appearance

Laverne Dalgleish, Principal of Building Professionals, appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates on Tuesday April 16, 2013. 

The topic of discussion was on the study of energy efficiency in government buildings, structures and public works.

Green Before Green was Groovy

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Building Professionals Training has been green since way before green was groovy.  We have 35 years of experience in the areas of building science, building envelope and green building as it relates to education and training, quality assurance, personnel certification and industry collaboration.  Our experience provides a unique value to our clients.  With decades of growth and development, we will assist companies and organizations in tackling the future in an effective and strategic way.

Since long before everyone thought green was the new black, we’ve stuck to our principles of building quality, building energy efficiently and building green.  Contact us to see how we can help you get your groove on!

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New Comprehensive Spray Foam Training Course Launched April 2011

Press Release – April 8, 2011

Building Professionals Training is proud to announce that they have launching a completely new training program in Sprayed Polyurethane Foam across North America.

The first program was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on April 25 to 29, 2011 at Red River College.  Further program offerings will take place across North America in strategic locations in eastern, western and central Canadian and U.S. markets.

This comprehensive 30+ hour program is designed to give individuals the skills required to be a professional and productive installer.  In addition to this, the training program provides the necessary health & safety training and product accessories needed to work in both commercial and residential construction to ensure a long term effective building envelope.

The program has been developed specifically to respond to the ongoing request for more in-depth and quality training required in the spray foam industry.  As the industry continues to grow on an upward trend across North America, this need has only become more exaggerated.

Building Professionals is pleased to work with The Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (CARSI) to provide excellent classroom and hands on facilities to ensure a positive learning environment.  The course was delivered in an incredible 10,000 sq. ft facility at Red River College campus, which is a 5 minute drive from the Winnipeg International Airport.  The CARSI Research facility includes:

  • Environmental control chambers; side-by-side configuration, common wall with removable section; -40 degree C to +40 degree C (-40 degree F to 104 degree F) capabilities with additive humidity control
  • Removable exterior wall section incorporated into CARSI building – utilize actual climatic conditions for thermal & lighting properties testing
  • Exterior air quality sampler
  • Whole building air tightness test equipment

The goal of this new training program is to focus on learning and provide students with a competitive advantage as they enter the industry or look at upgrading their skills.  With a small class size of only 16, each individual will be given the attention they need from the 3 -5 different instructors with a variety of expertise on equipment, building science, building codes, applications and so forth.

The program will also provide them with the skills to become expert building envelope contractors and not just sprayers.  Students will learn about medium density closed cell foam, open cell foam, 1 and 2 component sealant foams, air barrier products and accessories and gain an understanding of how to install foam as system.  The program will offer a 50 / 50 ratio of lecture and hands on training.

For those seeking certification with CUFCA, exam proctoring and practical evaluations will be available under the CUFCA quality assurance program.

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